Do you want to explore the world of famous Venetian Cicchetti in a typical Venetian house? Do you want to impress your friends back home during your dinner parties? With our Cicchetti Class you will prepare this delicious finger food garnished with countless combinations of flavors and colors and in the meantime learn about Venice and Veneto food and wine. With Daniela and Cecilia you will be guided into this fun and convivial experience and prepare four savory Cicchetti and a sweet one and pair them with some great Prosecco and wines thanks to the expert touch of a professional sommelier Cecilia. As we usually do, we will choose the ingredients according to the season but we will be happy to learn about your preferences and meet your needs. It's a fantastic experience for adults and children alike, team building and couples.

Length: three hours

Starting times: 10.00 in the morning

For prices and further details please send us an e-mail.