Live Venice like a Venetian! With this walking tour you will explore the most authentic areas of Venice and learn about its history, culture, legends and peculiarities. During the walk you will stop at three different bacaros, the typical Venetian wine bars. The bacaros we select are full of atmosphere and unique in their own style. Here you will breathe an authentic and lively experience made of excellent wines and the cicchetti, the Venetian style tapas, full of the flavors of the lagoon. You will be guided into the world of Italian and Venetian wines, discover how they are produced, their history and all their different subtleties in scents and bouquets. This is an engrossing experience that will stimulate your curiosity for Venice as well as your taste for wine, food and life in Italy.

Length: three hours

Starting times: 11.00 in the morning or 17.00 in the evening

For prices and further details please send us an e-mail.