What to see…

  1. Chiesa dei Miracoli, also known as the Marble church, founded later than the others, it was designed, built, and decorated by one only artist and his  team of stonecutters  (tajapiera), perhaps in one only stage or, at the most, in two very close phases. You search for it, map in hand, and then all of sudden, it’s right there in front of you… It takes our breath away every time we see it.
  2. Campo dei Mori: according to local belief, the “Mori” were three brothers from Morea: Sandi, Afani and Rioba Mastelli. Silk and spice merchants, they moved to Venice in 1112 where they built Palazzo Mastelli, also called Palazzo del Cammello. On the east side of the Campo there are some stone figures of the Mastelli brothers: the legend goes that they were turned to stone on account of their greed.
  3. Fondamenta della Misericordia, a lively Venetian canalside walk ideal for aperitivo!


Where to stop…

  1. Osteria L’Orto dei Mori, a tiny place where Venetian recipes are enchanted by a Sicilian chef who gives a particular twist to tasty and flavorful dishes (outdoor seating under candlelight!).
  2. Bottega Ai Promessi Sposi welcomes guests for a quality Italian meal. Each dish is made from the best ingredients, they are simply without lots of added flair. Very popular with the local!
  3. Cantina Azienda Agricola, especially popular with locals in the neighborhood, it can be considered an authentic bàcaro where you can enjoy a glass of excellent Italian wine with a huge selection of cicchetti.