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Aperitivo Experience

Food & Wine Experiences

2,5 Hours
Starting times
4 PM
Max people

Aperitivo Experience

Aperitivo Experience will take you to the rooftop of Fondaco dei Tedeschi for a Bellini, in the hearth of the lively Rialto for a glass of Prosecco and for a flight of Spritzes along the Gran Canal.

You will:
– Visit the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, the glamour new shopping mall and enjoy a Bellini cocktail with some appetizers in its charming atmosphere. Enjoy a breath-taking view from the rooftop.
– Have a glass of Prosecco and a panino in vibrant Rialto alongside Venetians and visitors.
– Head to the Gran Canal and sit in the garden of a romantic bistrot for a flight of spritzes and more appetizers.

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